Heroic Age


Genre: Space Opera

Studio: Xebec

Distributor: FUNimation

No. of Episodes: 26

Suggested Age: 13+

My Rating: 10/10

Summary: In the distant future, the human race has been scattered across galaxies into various “tribes”: The ancestral Golden Tribe, the Silver Tribe, and the Bronze Tribe, who caused so much chaos that they were transformed into powerful beings called Nodos and subservient to the other Tribes.  Humanity is called the Iron Tribe and seen as a threat to the Silver Tribe.

One day, the starship Argonaut and the clairvoyant princess Dhianeila find a child-like human named Age who can transform into a Nodos named Bellecross (despite being raised by the Golden Tribe). Could Age be the key to save and unite the Tribes?

Review: This has to be one of the best “space operas” I’ve ever watched. It has the feel of a grand saga, but not in an overwhelming sense.

The animation is gorgeous. I like the designs of the Argonaut and the Nodos.

Dhianellia is a beautiful, but distant woman. This distance is a necessity.  She is an empathy as well as clairvoyant, and feels everyone’s emotions so strongly that they can overwhelm her.  She became my favorite character in the series because of her kindness and motherly persona, even to those who would be her enemies.

Age is an enjoyable hero. He’s practically the nicest guy in the show.  He uses his powers purely for defense, and his nature draws both hero and villain to him. Yet he doesn’t treat anyone differently, not even his enemies.  He gets them to drop their defenses and see him as a friend.  He seems primitive at first, since he wears almost no clothes in his first appearance, but thanks to everyone else, he slowly becomes more civilized. It was fun to watch him learn and adjust to the more civilized structure of the Argonaut.

The action is well-orchestrated, with battles reminiscent of Evangelion (albeit with less carnage) and Star Wars.

I really liked this story. I can’t recommend it enough.

Music/Score: The music has a grand, operatic style. I enjoyed both theme songs, particularly the closing theme.

Sub/Dub: Pretty good dub here.

Violence: (5/10) The battles are rarely bloody.

Language: (2/10) I only caught a few obscenities.

Sexuality: (0/10): None.

Nudity: (2/10) One of the characters has a uniform that shows some of her cleavage. Age is mostly naked (save for a makeshift breechcloth) in his first few episodes until he becomes more civilized.

Religion: (1/10) The story constantly references Hercules’s labors.

Related Media: The series was adapted into a manga.

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