Top 10 Worst Anime

The idea that you are going to like every anime title you watch is foolhardy. I’ve found several titles I didn’t like at all throughout my anime viewing. So I’ve decided to close out my celebration of reaching over 150 posts by posting my top 10 worst anime titles. I hope I don’t offend too many people with this list.


10. Deadman Wonderland–I have an aversion to overtly gory or sexual series.  This one seems to glorify its violence and I just felt uncomfortable the whole time I watched it.


9. Tenchi in Tokyo–How do you make a bad Tenchi Muyo? How about make all the heroines annoying and weak in order to make the new villain stronger? How about changing the origin for the third time in a row? How about wasting the opportunity to move the story forward?


8. Pom Poko–This anime disproves the idea that Studio Ghibli can do no wrong.  It’s way too preachy and did we really need those jokes about the male tanookis you-know-whats?  I tried so hard to like this one, but in the end, I couldn’t like it.


7. Speedgrapher–This series had a lot of potential. It had mystery and intrigue and had a great dark future. But it really revved up the disturbing nature as much as it could and made me feel more and more uncomfortable, to the point that I stopped watching it after 10 episodes.


6. Tales From Earthsea–This was the most disappointing anime from Studio Ghibli I ever watched. What made it so disappointing was that I loved the Earthsea books from Ursula K. LeGuin, so I had high hopes that this would be faithful.  But in the end, it was as if the movie crammed the whole series into one two-hour movie. That’s at least 4 books. You can’t do that in two hours.


5. Last Exile: Fam the Silver Wing–What a waste! Studio Gonzo comes back from bankruptcy and decides to revisit one of their best anime, in my opinion. And then they ruin it by not creating a sequel that explains its connection to its predecessor.  I felt cheated.


4. Guyver: The Bio-Boosted Armor–I don’t mind that the manga hasn’t ended. But if you’re going to adapt an unfinished story, it’s not a crime to make up your own ending. I don’t like it when an anime decides to just stop and says “You want more? Read the manga!”


3. FLCL (Fooly Cooly)–Have you wondered why I haven’t reviewed this show? It’s because I already watched it a long time ago, and I hated it. I’ve actually been revisiting anime that I never got around to reviewing, but this is one title I am NOT revisiting, even if I enjoyed the music.


2. Tenchi Muyo GXP–How do you make Tenchi Muyo worse than Tenchi in Tokyo? How about barely having Tenchi and his girlfriends in it? Why was this even called Tenchi Muyo?


  1. Super Milk-Chan–This is like Ren and Stimpy…without the good part.  It was so stupid, I swear I could actually hear my brain cells screaming in agony!

Next, we’ll go back to my normal reviews blog.  I hope you enjoyed my celebration. Here’s to the next 150!

  1. #1 by TWWK on November 18, 2015 - 4:01 pm

    Those are indeed some really, really bad shows. A lot of people love FLCL, though, but I’m with you on that one – in fact, I can never get past episode two.

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