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Genre: Fantasy

Creator/Studio: Junichi Sato (writer) Kaori Naruse (illustrator)/Hal Film Maker and Kadokowa Shoten

Distributor: Funimation, streams on Hulu

No. of Episodes: 13

Suggested Age: 13+

My Rating: 7/10

Summary: Himeno Awayuki has moved into a new mansion now that her widowed father has remarried. She eventually meets the Leafe Knights and learns that she is destined to fight the Princess of Disaster. Each Leafe Knight has an elemental power that they lend to her when she “prets” or bonds with them. The Leafe Knights’ leader, Hayate trains her for the battle. But can she truly prepare herself for what lies ahead? Can her powers help her when she needs them most?

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Princess Tutu


Genre: Fantasy

Creator/Studio: Junichi Sato (director)/Hal Film Maker

Distributor: AEsir Holdings, streams on Hulu.

No. of Episodes: 26

Suggested Age: 7+

My Rating: 10/10

Summary: Once upon a time, there was a writer named Herr Drosselmeyer, who had been writing a story called The Prince and the Raven. Sadly, Drosselmeyer died before he could even finish the story. Suddenly, the story took on a life of its own. Drosselmeyer saw this in his ghostly domain and decided it needed an ending. He happened upon a duck who had fallen in love with the prince and would barely have little to do with the plot. The prince is Mytho, a ballet student whose heart has been broken into several shards, each one transformed into a personification of an emotion or memory.  The duck is then transformed by Drosselmeyer into a human girl who takes the ballet class with Mytho and other students. She is then given the task of retrieving the heart shards so Mytho can feel again. There’s just one problem: if she gets wet or does anything that resembles a duck (she tends to quack when distressed, for instance), she will revert to her true form. Fortunately, she just needs to get wet again to change back. She is given a locket that transforms her into Princess Tutu so that she can retrieve the shards. Impeding her goal is the evil Raven, who seeks to corrupt the Prince with the help of his unwilling daughter Rue, who can transform into Princess Tutu’s evil counterpart, Princess Kraehe. However, Drosselmeyer is not a benevolent creator. He would love to see a bittersweet or tragic ending to his story, because that would create so much drama.

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