Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid


Studio/Creators: Kyoto Animation/Shoji Gatoh & Shiki Douji

Distributor: FUNimation

No. of Episodes: 13

Suggested Age: 17+

My Rating: 7/10

Summary: Set a year after the events in the original Full Metal Panic and ignoring Fumoffu(which is basically an “alternative universe” version), This series follows Mithril as they face a terrorist group named Amalgam, meaning that once again Kaname Chidori’s life is in danger. Can Sousuke protect her and discover their intentions, despite the possibility of a traitor within Mithril’s ranks?

Review: While the series isn’t as good as the original, it’s not bad either.  This time, Kaname’s part in the story seems to take a back seat, and we focus mostly on Sousuke.  Amalgam is a much different enemy from the ones faced in the first series. They seem more ruthless and a former member of Mithril leads them, causing them to more easily anticipate Mithril’s strategies. The action is fast-paced and it’s great to see all my favorite characters again.

So why isn’t this ranked higher? First of all, the series is too short. I often have this problem with shows that are under 24 episodes. I felt as though I didn’t get the full scope of Amalgam’s agenda, nor did I spend enough time with Chidori. The previous series did a great job balancing both of the “worlds” Chidori inhabits, her school life and her life as a civilian helping Mithril. Here, we get too much Mithril and not enough fun school stuff to buffer the action. Also, the resolution came too fast. I found myself thinking “That’s it?” when it was over.

Music/Score: The score was on par with the first series, which I liked. The opening theme was good, but I didn’t care for the closing much.

Sub/Dub: FUNimation reunited the dub team from the previous installments, so I’m not complaining.

Violence: (7/10) The series is slightly graphic, compared to the previous one.

Language: (3/10)

Sexuality: (2/10)

Nudity: (4/10)–Opening animation has some slight fan service.

Religion: n/a

Related Media: This is based on the 5th light novel in the Full Metal Panic novels and is a sequel to the original Full Metal Panic anime series.



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