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Revolutionary Girl Utena


Genre: Fantasy/Magical Girl/Surreal/Yuri

Creator/Studio: Chiho Saito/JC Staff

Distributor: Manga Video/Nozomi Entertainment; Streams on Hulu

No. of Episodes: 39

Suggested Age: 14+

My Rating: 10/10

Summary: Utena Tenjou is a girl attending the prestigious Ohtori Academy.  When she was a child, she was so impressed by a prince that she vowed to become one herself, to the point where she would even wear a boy’s uniform.  She meets a girl named Anthy, who is in an abusive relationship with Touga, the head of the Student Council.  Out of her anger, she learns that Anthy is the “Rose Bride” and if she wants to protect her, she must fight for her in a series of duels against the members of the council. (The episodes are even called “Duels” rather than episodes) The Council’s members believe they are “the ones who will bring revolution” and that Anthy is the catalyst of that revolution.  Utena is brought into a conflict and conspiracy she wants no part of.

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