Sword Art Online


Genre: Sci-fi/Fantasy

Creator/Studio: Reki Kawahara (writer of light novels)/A-1 Pictures

Distributor: FUNimation

Note: This review only covers the first 25 episodes of the series, not any of the currently running arcs. It stops with the Alfheim Online arc.

Summary: In the distant future, a new online Virtual Reality MMO called is sweeping the world. However, one of the mods in charge of the game has rigged it, turning it into a game in which the players now fight for their lives. If they get killed in the game, they die–FOR REAL! The story mainly focuses on Kirito and Asuna, two players determined to make it through all 100 levels and get back to the real world.

Review:  Before I begin, I want to say that I have a policy regarding current anime. I do not start watching unless al the episodes are available.  I feel it is more convenient for me that way. That’s why I’m only focusing on the first 25 episodes of the series with this review.

First off, I really like the animation style.  This has a feel similar to another favorite franchise of mine, the .hack franchise.  The difference here is that the story has way less navel-gazing than that franchise tended to have. The character designs are very nice and well-detailed.

Kirito and Asuna are great heroes. They made a good team and I liked how they had each other’s back. It was fun to see them interact and explore this new world.

So, to sum things up, is this a good series? Well, so far I enjoyed it.  I will watch the third and fourth arcs when they complete and tell you my thoughts then as well.

Music/Score: Both openings are great. The rest of the score is also well done.

Sub/Dub: I only watched the sub.

Violence: (5/10) There’s quite a lot of bloodshed, but nothing graphic.

Language: (1/10)

Sexuality: (SPOILERS) In the second arc, the main villain is quite misogynist toward the captive Asuna.

Nudity: (2/10) In one scene during the first arc, Asuna gets ready for bed and strips down to her underwear. It’s a rather embarrassing scene for her because she has to share her bed with Kirito.

Religion: (0/10)

Related Media: This series is based on the light novels by Reki Kawahara. There are also video games available for the PSP.

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