Wolf Children

th (3)

Genre: Fantasy/Slice-of-life

Studio/Creator: Mamoru Hosoda/Madhouse

Distributor: FUNimation

Running Time: 1 hour, 57 minutes

Age Rating: 13+

My Review: 10/10

Summary: Nineteen-year-old college student Hana falls in love with a classmate who is actually a werewolf. She eventually gives birth to two baby werewolves. After their father dies, Hana soon realizes that the city is not an appropriate place for them, since the citizens shun them. She moves out to the country to raise them on her own.

Review: This anime is beyond adorable.  The art style is very pleasant. Hana is a great protagonist.  I love how devoted she is to her children and how she tries her best to provide for them.

Yuki and Ame are also interesting characters. I found it very sad that in order to fit in, Yuki almost completely gave up her wolf instincts. This brought to mind so many classmates I knew in my school days who had to hide their differences in order to fit in. Ame, however, was a character I actually applauded, because he refused to hide who he was.

This was an excellent movie. If you liked My Neighbor Totoro and can handle a little sadness here and there, I recommend it.

Sub/Dub: This is one where the dub is better than the anime. The dub explains things better, including the chant that Yuki recites to maintain control over her wolf half.

Music/Score: Very pleasant. I found it relaxing.

Violence: 1/10–some mild fighting and mischief from the children. And the death of their father is somewhat brutal, but not graphic.

Language: 0/10

Nudity: 3/10–There’s a scene that obviously takes place after Hana and her lover had sex. There’s also some brief nudity when the children change back into humans.

Sexuality: 4/10–There’s the above-mentioned scene after Hana and her lover make love, but that’s it.

Religion: 0/10

Related Media: There’s a manga of the movie. Mamoru Hosoda also directed Summer Wars, Digimon, and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.

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