Anime Review: Baccano!


Genre: Crime/Action-Fantasy

Studio/Creator: Brain’s Base/Ryohgo Narita (writer of light novels) and Katsumi Enami (artist of light novels)

Distributor: FUNimation

No. Of Episodes: 16, counting a 3-episode epilogue

Suggested Age: 16+

My Rating: 8/10

Summary: This anime focuses on various characters people who only have one thing in common–all were on board the Flying Pussyfoot train when it was robbed in a gang war and terrorized by a shape-shifting monster known as the Rail Tracer. The anime shifts between each character’s story and tells events out of order as well.

Review: To be honest, I actually didn’t expect to like this story. I’m not a fan of mafia stories, not even the Godfather trilogy.  However, I found myself intrigued by the various threads within and thought it an interesting approach. Some of the POV’s were even unreliable.  My favorite characters were Isaac and Miria, a couple who dressed up in costumes when they robbed people. Yeah, they were doing wrong, but they had such fun and were so funny to watch, especially Isaac. I also liked Jacuzzi Splot because he evolved from a wimpy dude who realized he was in over his head into a somewhat capable, but still kind of wimpy person, thanks to his explosives-loving partner, Nice Holystone.  Ladd Russo is like the Joker, without the makeup. The order of events was kind of confusing at first, but as I got more into the story, things were easier to follow.

The animation is pretty good. All the characters are designed well and the Flying Pussyfoot looks neat.

This is a great character-driven story, and if you’ve heard all the hype, I suggest giving it a try.

Music/Score: Since this is mostly set in the 1920’s and 30’s, it makes sense that the score is quite jazzy. I liked it a lot, especially the opening theme. The closing theme is also very pretty.

Violence: (9/10) Pretty graphic, but it’s to be expected in a crime story.

Nudity: (0/10)

Sexuality: (0/10)

Religion: (1/10) Szilwald Quates is an alchemist and has a homunculus.  There’s also a specter known as the Rail Tracer, as I mentioned in the summary.

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