Anime Review: Star Blazers (Season 3)


Genre: Space Opera

Studio/Creator: Leiji Matsumoto/Toei

Distributor: Manga Video

No of Episodes: 25

Suggested Age: 13+

My Rating: 7/10

Summary: The Argo is caught in the middle of a war between the Galmans (the re-formed Gamilon Empire) and the Bolar Federation. A stray missile fired during the war causes the sun’s thermonuclear reactions to go out of control. Unless it can be stopped, the sun will destroy the Earth in one year and the entire solar system in three. Derek Wildstar, now officially in command of the Argo, is charged to help find a new home for Earth’s population.

Review: This final season was not quite as good as the others. The animation was vastly improved from the previous seasons, although the drawing style hasn’t changed.  This season aired in the early 80’s, but it still holds up.

I didn’t much like what happened with Desslok. SPOILER: He actually goes back and forth on the good guy/bad guy scale, eventually settling on “wary ally”.  I don’t really see how Wildstar can trust him since he not only betrayed them a few times, but the other allies he gained in the second season as well.  I kind of wanted him to be executed at this point.

Overall, I liked this series a lot and had fun watching this milestone. Matsumoto month was a blast.

Sub/Dub: I only saw the dub.  It’s a pretty good one, for 70’s and 80’s anime.

Music/Score: Full of 70’s cheese. I loved it.

Violence: 5/10–If you can handle the violence seen in J J Abrahm’s reboot of Star Trek, this won’t be too bad.

Language: 0/10

Nudity: 0/10

Sexuality: 0/10

Related Media: There is a live-action movie, the original manga, and even a video game.

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