Anime Review: Star Blazers Season 2


Genre: Space Opera

Studio/Creator: Leiji Matsumoto/Toei

Distributor: Manga Video

No of Episodes: 26

Suggested Age: 13+

Summary: With the Gamilon Empire defeated, the Star Force now has a new enemy: The Comet Empire. To make matters worse, Desslok is still alive and has joined the Comet Empire as well for revenge.

Review: The second season is every bit as good as the first.  Captain Avatar is no longer alive, and now Wildstar is in charge. I liked this change because I felt it showed how much his character had developed from the previous season.  I liked how at first, the Earth Defense Force was reluctant to oppose the Empire, as it reminded me of how wary the League of Nations was at the end of the first World War (no, I’m not that old).

The story still has that great Star Trek feel.  The animation is great, even for its time.  The show does not seem the least bit dated to me.

Desslok is still a great villain, even though he is now a man without an empire. He is the cliched man who has nothing to lose and everything to gain, and this story exploited that status.  I was glad to see him back.

So, should you watch season 2? If you enjoyed season 1, go right ahead.

Sub/Dub: I only saw the dub.  It’s a pretty good one, for 70’s and 80’s anime.

Music/Score: Full of 70’s cheese. I loved it.

Violence: 5/10–If you can handle the violence seen in J J Abrahm’s reboot of Star Trek, this won’t be too bad.

Language: 0/10

Nudity: 0/10

Sexuality: 0/10

Related Media: There is a live-action movie, the original manga, and even a video game.

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