Anime Review: Cowboy Bebop the Movie

Genre: Sci-fi
Studio/Creator: Sunrise
Distributor: Columbia
Running Time: 1 hour, 56 minutes
MPAA Rating: R
My Rating: 10/10
Summary: The crew of the Bebop hunts down a terrorist named Vincent who wants to blow up a Martian city. They are assisted by Elektra, a former comrade of Vincent’s. Vincent plans to release a virus that will infect everyone “right down to the marrow”, and is assisted by a hacker named Lee.
Review: Even if you’ve never watched this series, you can still enjoy the movie. The movie is quite humorous, especially the sequence where Ed tracks down Lee by trick-or-treating. The characters are just as funny as you remember them (if you watched the show of course). It’s almost like meeting with old friends. The cinematography is magnificent.
Sub/Dub: Both versions are done well. Steve Blum really brings out what makes Spike so cool. Ed’s English VA does a great job with her unique personality, and ditto for the Japanese version (for some reason, the Japanese version seems funnier).
Music/Score: The music in the series was definitely its best feature -the movie is no different. It has a great soundtrack throughout, especially the closing song, “Gotta Knock a Little Harder.”
Violence: (7/10) Some pretty graphic moments here. About on the same level as the show.
Language: (2/10)
Nudity: Actually, there is none, not even with Faye’s usual attire.
Sexuality: Faye’s usual attire definitely qualifies here. Vincent cuts open Faye’s shirt and intentions of rape are implied. And there’s also a scene where Ed encounters a drag queen. But it’s humorously dealt with.
Religion:(1/10) Vincent thinks Purgatory’s doors are opened on Halloween. Halloween figures into the plot quite strongly, so if you don’t subscribe to it, this may put you off.
Related Media: There is also the very popular TV series, which has just been re-released by FUNimation.

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