Anime Review: Blood+


Genre: Action/Horror

Studio: Production I.G.

Distributor: This title is available from Sony, but is out of print.  However, it can still be viewed on Netflix.

No of Episodes: 50

Suggested Age: 17+

My Rating: 10/10

Summary: Saya is a half-human, half-vampire (or Chiropteran, as the series calls them), who has recently awoken from her hibernation. Although she has been alive for centuries, she appears to be only sixteen years old. She has an adoptive family in Japan and everything seems perfect. An organization called Red Shield has employed her to kill a powerful Chiropteran named Diva.  But what is the connection between them?

Review: You may be wondering why I’m reviewing an anime that’s out of print.  Well, I have two reasons.  First, I reviewed Blood the Last Vampire last year, and I felt this would be necessary, since the movie is sort of a “back-door pilot” for the series.  Second, FUNimation has recently released a reboot of it called Blood-C.  I plan on reviewing it next year, so I figured I should review the original TV version first.  Besides, FUNimation has been reviving several out-of-print titles lately, so they might revive this one as well.

The animation is some of the best I’ve seen from Production I.G.  I have yet to disappointed by them, and I doubt I ever will be.

Saya is one of my favorite heroines in anime.  She is teetering between being a human and a monster. Because of the love she has received from her friends and family, she has no connection with her monstrous side.  She has people to fight for, and that keeps her going.

Haji, her Chevalier (think a cross between a servant and a lover), is extremely devoted to her.  I love their relationship. He does not attempt to associate with Saya’s family at first. This is because he is nearly immortal (the only that can kill a Chiropteran is their own blood) and does not wish to grieve the inevitable loss of mortal relationships.

Saya’s family is her foundation.  I love how her brothers have accepted her as a person and do not care about her monstrous side.  Neither of them even acknowledges her dark half and encourage her to fight. I liked both her brothers, especially Kai.

Diva, the villain, is an interesting parallel to her foe.  It is intriguing how similar the two are despite their different allegiances.  She is a great villain because she helps define her enemy. We can see in her everything Saya is not–bloodthirsty, psychotic, and hateful.

I highly recommend checking this series out on Netflix (back in the good old days, it was a hit on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim block).  I do not wish to see it disappear.

Sub/Dub: The dub features lots of great voice actors and is one of my favorites. Crispin Freeman is the highlight as Haji and Kari Wahlgren does great work as both Saya AND Diva.

Music/Score: I like the first and second openings best.  The closings are too short to enjoy.

Violence: (8/10) The show is extremely graphic and not for the squeamish.

Language: (3/10)

Sexuality: (4/10) SPOILER! Saya’s youngest brother is raped by Diva offscreen.

Nudity: 2/10 I saw a couple shower scenes.

Religion: (0/10)

Related Media: As I mentioned above, Blood+ is a reimagining of Blood: The Last Vampire. There is also a manga and a reboot called Blood-C is available from FUNimation.


  1. #1 by medievalotaku on September 1, 2013 - 4:14 pm

    I do love this show. Not sure how much you’re going to like Blood-C if you like the human side of Saya. They made her much less human in Blood-C, though it took me a while to realize it.

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