Lobster Quadrille: Tiger and Bunny

tbGenre: Superhero/Comedy

Studio: Sunrise

Distributor: Viz, also streams on Hulu

Suggested Age: 13+

My Rating: 10/10

Summary: The City of Sternbild is protected by superheroes who are the product of NEXT, a project attempting to advance human evolution.  A TV channel called Hero TV broadcasts their exploits and each of the superheroes are sponsored by different companies. The series mainly focuses on Wild Tiger and his partner, a green-around-the-gills, named Barnaby, who’ve been partnered by Hero TV in order to boost ratings.

Review: Before I became an otaku, I was a huge comic book fan.  I was mostly a fan of X-men, Spider-man, the Justice League, and Batman.  But at one point, I got sick of it.  The prices were too high.  The editors kept changing things that worked and rebooting the lineup, sweeping away stuff I enjoyed.  I stopped caring.

So when I heard about this show, I wanted to check it out to remind myself of what I used to enjoy.

The animation and art are great. The show uses CG well and everything looks swell.

Wild Tiger is an old-fashioned hero who was inspired by Mr. Legend, the first superhero for Sternbild.  He has the ability to increase his strength and senses hundred-fold.  I liked his cocky attitude and when his daughter was introduced later, I liked their relationship.

Barnaby is a great contrast.  He’s edgier than Wild Tiger and doesn’t quite adhere to the same virtues his partner does.  The two of them bicker constantly, but they have great chemistry and eventually do get along.

Dragon Kid was probably my favorite.  She is a kid who fights like Bruce Lee and has a tomboyish personality.  I liked her enthusiasm and determination.

Blue Rose works for Pepsi and has ice powers.  She does not initially like the idea of being a superhero because she only got the gig because she was told it would help her become a singer.  She does eventually warm up to the idea and isn’t as “icy” as she starts out.

This is only a sampling of the heroes.  Of course, what good are heroes if they don’t have villains to fight, correct?  Well, for that we have Lunatic.  He sees himself as a hero and refuses to show mercy to the criminals he targets.  This puts him at odds with the real heroes, who become his foes because they don’t believe in killing the villains.  There’s also a street gang called the Ouroboros, who generally wreak havoc.

I recommend this series to anyone who enjoys the comics I grew up with or the movies based on them.

Sub/Dub: I was unable to watch the dub.

Music/Score: The music is okay at best. Nothing really stood out, but the opening animation was good.

Violence: (3/10) Typical superhero-style violence.

Language: (1/10)

Nudity: (1/10) Blue Rose’s outfit is rather revealing.

Sexuality: (2/10) Fire Emblem is an effeminate hero.

Religion: (0/10)

Related Media: Viz publishe

  1. #1 by aghammer99 on March 29, 2013 - 11:16 pm

    Honestly, I wasn’t sure I would enjoy this one but I did…. not the first time I’ve seen this idea… but if you think about it, what would superheros be in our world… they would be like sports figures, well paid celebrities. Also, I enjoy the fact that both Tiger and Bunny are guys… too funny, the Odd Couple of Anime.

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