Anime Review: Ah My Goddess: Flights of Fancy

Genre: Fantasy/Romance

Studio/Creator: AIC/Kosuke Fujishima

No of Episodes: 24

Distributor: FUNimation

Suggested Age: 13+

My Rating: 10/10

Summary: This is the second season of Ah My Goddess. The series continues from the previous season.  The season introduces Peorth, a lesser goddess, and Helga, Urd’s mother.

Review: This season is a big improvement over the original season. It builds upon what is established in the previous season, so I urge you to watch the original first. This way, you will be more acquainted with the characters and the story.  Flights of Fancy does very little to explain the previous season. There aren’t even any recap episodes! (Big plus!) In fact, I’m going to write this as a continuation of my review of the previous season.  So, if you haven’t read that review, do so now.

Okay, let’s continue. First, I’ll talk about the animation itself. It’s not that different from the first season. To me, that’s fine, because I already liked what I saw in the first season. I don’t think they needed to change anything.

The new characters are great adversaries. Mara is still in the story, but to be honest, she’s not much of a threat.  The goddesses know all tehy need to do is find good luck charms and she can’t do anything. While Mara is a funny person, she isn’t dangerous.

Peorth, however, isn’t evil. She’s actually on the same side as the goddesses, but at a subordinate level. She’d love to be at the same level as them, but wouldn’t dare challenge them because they’re stronger. Instead, she wishes to show evidence that Belldandy is not satisfying Keiichi as well as she should, and thus not fulfilling his wish. This puts her at oods because she actually respects them.

Helga, Urd’s mother, has been trying for ages to persuade her to switch sides.  She tries to do this by having Mara help them or playing to Urd’s more sinister desires. I found Helga to be an excellent enemy because she worked to upset the balance of power rather than work the system like Peorth.

In conclusion, I believe Flights of Fancy is better. It builds on what is already established, and focuses on its conflicts better. If you enjoyed the first season, go ahead and watch the second.

Music/Score: I feel the new theme is much better than the first season. Maybe it’s the bagpipes.

Sub/Dub: Again, the sub is better. Skuld’s voice is less annoying in Japanese.

Violence: (3/10)This is not an action show. Most of what is seen is magic.

Language: (1/10) Not much different from before.

Sexuality: (4/10) Peorth does try to come on to Keiichi, believing she can seduce him better than Belldandy.  Also, Urd tries to encourage a sexual relationship with Keiichi so that Belldandy can become more powerful. (Belldandy’s power increases with the kindness and love she receives.)

Nudity: (2/10): Peorth, Helga, and Urd have clothing that leaves little to the imagination.

Religion: (3/10) Belldandy, Urd, and SKuld are different aspects of love and derived from Norse folklore.  I believe Helga is also Norse. I think Peorth is of a completely different pantheon.

Related Media: This is based on Kosuke Fujishima’s manga, published in America by Dark Horse.

Trivia: Fujishima also created You’re Under Arrest.

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