Manga By Volume: Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind V. 1

Well, it’s finally happened, readers!  I’m reviewing manga!  But I’ve decided I’m going to this this differently from most reviewers.  I’m going to review manga one volume at a time. It works better for my memory, and you’ll even see how the manga’s overall story evolves over time.

So, without further ado, here’s my review of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind Vol 1.

Genre: Fantasy

Creator: Hayao Miyazaki

Publisher: Viz

Suggested Age: 13+

My Rating: 10/10

Summary: Set in a post-apocalpytic world, this is the story of Nausicaa , princess of the Valley of the Wind. This manga provided the story for the Ghibli movie of the same name and also expands upon it.

Review: In the first volume, we are introduced to Nausicaa and her people who live peacefully in the Valley of the Wind. Nausicaa has an empathetic bond with giant insects called Ohmu.  We also meet her uncle, Lord Yupa.

However, the Valley is in the midst of chaos. The Talmakian army is in the midst of war with the Pejite army and Nausicaa’s people are caught in the middle.  Yupa tries to stop Naucaa from fighting when they fire upon her and miss, but she has too much rage.  But the Talmekian army has a trump card–they’ve unearthed a monster known as a “god warrior”, who turned the earth to cinders in under a week.

As many of you readers know, I am a huge Miyazaki fan. So, I knew that my first manga review had to be something special.  So why not, see just how different the manga is from the anime.  The artwork is very good. It’s actually similar to the anime version, albeit somewhat rougher. (it’s actually more similar to the storyboard artwork) The first volume is actually quite similar to the movie.  One major difference is that we learn more about what happened in the past. We also actually hear the Ohmu talk (in the anime, they can only communicate through telepathy, and only to Nausicaa)

Violence: 5/10

Nudity: 0/10

Sexuality: 0/10

Religion: (0/10)

Related Media: This inspired the movie of the same name.

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