How I rate and review

A reader asked me what my scale means. Here’s how it lines up:

The content ratings:

Language: 1-5: mild PG level swearing. 5-7: PG-13. 8-10: F-bombs
Violence: 1-5: slapstick/comedic/fantasy. 4-6: sci-level. 7-10: gory.
Sexuality: 1-4: sexually suggestive language. 5-6: off-screen rape or inappropriate relationships. 7-10: borderline hentai
Nudity: 1-4: Swimsuits that show more skin than they should and some shower scenes. 5-7: beach episodes with mild fanservice. 8-10: are these people nudists?
Religion: 1-4: magic is present. 5-10: Negative views of Christianity
DAT: 1-4: mild drug usage. Casual levels, such as part of ceremony (like how Catholics drink wine at Mass) 5-10: Lots of wanton drug abuse, like we’d see in Pulp Fiction
The overall rating:

1-3: ugh. I want all that time I spent back.
4-6: It was okay at best
7: I didn’t waste any time. I might even watch it again.
8-10: very good here. Highly recommended.

Hope that helps!

  1. #1 by The Big D on December 1, 2011 - 1:05 pm

    Hi! This is The Big D (theimperiousdork) from Wrong Planet! Just read through your reviews, and you’re good! While you’re at it, you might want to check out my latest online radio/podcast project titled “The Big D Show” at 😉

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