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Silent Mobius Review

The Lobster Quadrille: Silent Mobius Review

MAY 1, 2011
by rocklobsterjwt

Silent Mobius Review

by rocklobster

Genre: Sci-fi/Cyberpunk/Fantasy

Creator/Studio: Kia Asamiya/Studio Tron

Distributor: Bandai

Rating: 9/10

No. of episodes: 26

Streaming  Online Legally? Sadly, no.

Age Rating: 13+

Summary: It is the year 2023. Acid rain falls from the skies. Monsters called Lucifer Hawks terrorize Tokyo.  The only thing stopping them: the AMP, an all-female division of the Tokyo Police created to defeat them.

Review: This is an excellent show.  It has a feel similar to Blade Runner, one of my all-time favorite sci-fi movies.  I like how each member of the AMP is a part of a greater whole:
Rally is the director of the AMP.  Although she’s not on the front line, she is still an important member because behind the scenes to maintain the funding necessary for the AMP and make sure they receive the proper respect, despite their unorthodox methods.

Maza is her second-in0command. One of my beefs is that we are given so much background on the characters, but we know next to nothing about Maza. So, I’m sorry, but I can’t tell you anything other than that she can do magic.

Katsumi is a powerful sorceress who does not realize her dark past nor her true potential at first.  She is, for all purposes, the main character.  She is a complex heroine who goes through a great deal of character development that reveals both her strengths and vulnerabilities. She quickly meets and falls in love with a fellow male police officer, which also leads to her development.

Kitty is the AMP’s muscle.  She possesses superhuman strength and a hot temper. Like Katsumi, she also falls in love with a male policeman, revealing her more vulnerable side.

Yuki is the heart of the team.  She possesses psychic abilities which allow her to sense the presence of Lucifer Hawks. She has a usually cheerful personality and is one of my favorite characters.

Nami is a Shinto priestess who can exorcise demons and create barriers.  She’s also a neatness freak, which is often played for laughs.

Lebia is the brains of the AMP. She is a Visionnaire, which allows her to access cyberspace using all five senses.  She’s the most business-oriented teammate and doesn’t get as much limelight as the others. However, I did find her enjoyable, mostly because I enjoy brainy characters.

Late in the series, we’re introduced to a latecomer named Lom Cheng.  While her elemental abilities do help the team, I found her bratty personality difficult to tolerate. She’s childish and has no respect for any of her fellow teammates, not even Katsumi, the only one who shows her any kindness.

The villains mostly follow a “monster of the week” format, except for one: Ganossa Maximillion. Maximillion quickly became one of my all-time favorite anime villains, because he expertly manipulates Katsumi, weakening her emotional state.

The plot moves at a brisk pace, but it doesn’t feel rushed because it still takes enough time to develop the characters, even giving many characters several “limelight” episodes to spotlight them. Because I enjoy character-oriented stories, I thought this was excellent.

Music/Score: (8/10) Normally, in a cyberpunk-themed story, you might expect a techno-influenced score.  You’d be wrong here. Silent Mobius instead uses an orchestral score that I found a welcome change of pace.

Sub/Dub: Either version is great. In fact, Silent Mobius’s  dub is one of my favorites.

Violence: (6/10) This anime is somewhat violent, but I wouldn’t put it above PG-13.  There is one violent off-screen death, and when the monsters are injured, they bleed green blood.

Language: (2/10) Just a few curses, mostly from potty-mouthed Kitty.

Nudity: (3/10) I caught three shower scenes, as well as a silhouetted strip scene.

Sexuality: (1/10) There is one implied sex scene.

Religion: (5/10) As their name obviously implies, the Lucifer Hawks are demons. Katsumi uses spells that invoke the names of various angels (as well as H.P. Lovecraft’s infamous monster Cthulu). Also, Nami uses Shinto-based magic to exorcise demons and create barriers. Finally, Lom Cheng uses elemental magic.

Related Media: There are 2 movies, but I have yet to view them because the only way I can do so legally is to purchase them.  There is also a 12-volume manga from Viz.